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Parents of Asthmatics and Allergy Sufferers
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This community is for parents or relatives of children suffering from asthma or allergies. This community was created to help parents better understand the disease from diagnosis on through treatment.

Questions are welcome but remember no information provided here should be used as a substitute for seeking professional medical attention. We parents can only relate our stories and exchange advice as to what helped our children. Remember that every child is different and only your pediatrician can decide what is best for your child.

This should go without saying!! No flaming please. We are all here for informational and educational purposes so please answer every inquiry with respect. The golden standard is to treat people as you would like to be treated.

I hope this community helps to you to better understand and cope with asthma and allergies in your children.

Please copy and fill out this short survey to help us relate to you and your concerns.

Do you have Asthma or Allergies:
Relation to Asthma/Allergy sufferer:
Age of child:
Has child been diagnosed with Asthma/ Allergies/ both:
If so, how long ago:
Is child on any medications or inhalers:
If yes, what:
What is your medication routine:

For help with this survey you may review my answers in the memories. Thanks for taking the time to tell us a little about yourself and your family.

Some helpful websites out there:

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Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America