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19 November 2006 @ 11:00 pm
Mod intro  
Name: Lauren

Location: Medina, Ohio

Do you have Asthma or Allergies: Seasonal allergies

Relation to Asthma/Allergy sufferer: Mother

Age of child: Two and a half

Has child been diagnosed with Asthma/Allergies/both: Both

If so, how long ago: About six months confirmed

Is child on any medications or inhalers: Yes

If yes, what: Singulair, Flovent, Albuterol

What is your medication routine: Two puffs Flovent morning/evening, One singulair before bed, Albuterol as needed

I am completely new to the effects of asthma. I am only learning though my son's pediatrician, friends and researching on the interweb. I have hopes that this community will serve as a place to help educate myself as well as other families about the disease.

Your moderator,
Current Mood: accomplished