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05 January 2007 @ 02:58 am
Name: Ann
Location: north of Dayton, Ohio
Do you have Asthma or Allergies: I hvae seasonal allergies and asthma, my husband has environmental allergies and our son has TONS of allergies and asthma.
Relation to Asthma/Allergy sufferer: self, spouse and son
Age of child: 27mths
Has child been diagnosed with Asthma/ Allergies/ both: both, retested every 6mths.
If so, how long ago: last time was at 18mths.
Is child on any medications or inhalers: he is on singular, zyrtec, pulmicort and xopenex. Also Gastrocrome
If yes, what:
What is your medication routine? he gets zyrtec in the AM, singular before bed. Pulmicort and Xopenenx treatments in am and pm. He gets rescue treatments throught the day of just xopenex. Usually needs one after a nap in the wintertime. Gastrocrome is by mouth and its before meals. 4x a day. He also is on prednisilone on low dose all winter otherwise he is almost constantly having issues.
mamalambsmamalambs on January 5th, 2007 11:56 pm (UTC)
Hi and thanks for joining. While this community is small I hope that it will offer advice if you ever need it.

I have found too with my son winter is the worst time of year for his asthma. And this strange Ohio winter is really not helping!